Our global vocation is reflected in our affiliations to national and international associations that protect and promote the Rubber Industry.

National Rubber Industrialists Consortium

It is the Spanish Business Organization of the Rubber Sector, sectorial interlocutor with the Administrations and Public and Private Organizations, both national and international.

Its objectives are:

  • Representation, negotiation, promotion and defense of the legitimate interests of the sector.
  • Information, communication, training, advice and permanent support for the development of rubber companies.

Rubber Trade Association of Europe (RTAE)

The European Rubber Trade Association continues a 100-year tradition of acting as the regulatory body for the global rubber trade that takes place in the marketplace.

Membership is open to producers, brokers, traders and consumers in any territory, under demanding regulations with the highest ethical standards.

Their commitments are:

  • Promoting the best interests of the rubber industry as a whole.
  • Maintain and develop a business environment based on best business practices.
  • To provide a comprehensive and reliable marketing service to both rubber producers and consumers.

The main objectives of the RTAE are:

  • To offer a comprehensive, professional and up-to-date marketing service to the rubber trade.
  • Foster an environment in which both buyers and sellers can operate in the best possible way.
  • Ensure the integrity of contracts involving RTAE members.

In line with these objectives, its key activities include:

  • Publication of daily official prices of the main rubber grades.
  • Liaise with other industry-related organizations, EU institutions and intergovernmental organizations.
  • Provide standard contract terms and an arbitration service aimed at resolving disputes quickly, fairly and without recourse to the courts.

Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB)

The main objectives of MRB are:

  • To help promote and develop Malaysia’s rubber industry in all aspects, from the cultivation of the rubber tree, extraction and processing of raw rubber, to the manufacture and marketing of rubber products.
  • To develop national objectives, policies and priorities for the orderly development of the Malaysian rubber industry.
  • To enhance the competitiveness and viability of Malaysia’s rubber industries in the global environment through research and development, effective technology transfer and quality support services.

Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR)

The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber brings together businesses, small farmers, academia and civil society to transform the natural rubber supply chain into a sustainable, equitable and fair chain.

It is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Committee elected by members and work progresses through five member-led working groups.

  • Commitment to Legal Compliance.
  • Commitment to healthy and functional ecosystems.
  • Commitment to respect all human rights.
  • Commitment to community livelihoods.
  • Commitment to greater production efficiency.
  • Commitment to the systems and processes to promote the effective implementation of policy components.
  • Commitment to supply chain evaluation, traceability and management.
  • Commitment to monitor and report on progress toward and compliance with the policy, component policy
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